Message of the Principal

“You can pay people to teach, but you can’t pay them to care.”

This institution was so conceived with the thrust of giving great opportunities to the children of our countrymen    kababayan    in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These great opportunities include the access to quality education, an education which is at par with the well   known and established schools in Manila. In addition, we adhere to our principle in giving enough care to our children for we believe that they are the hope of our nation. We assure our parents that their mentors inculcate in them not only the theories scholarly written by prestigious authors but also the good virtues worthy of emulating. It is our mission to imbue in the hearts of our students the good moral characters that can be handed down to the future generations so that this world will be full of loving and precious individuals. Our teachers work collaboratively to further enhance the knowledge of our pupils and students. We make sure that our mentors are adept with the latest trends and innovations in the field of education. We provide them various seminars to further develop their skills in teaching. Thus, the end beneficiaries are our pupils and students. The Second Philippine International School in Riyadh is indeed second to none. We have proven our excellence in both academics and non   academics realm. Rest assured that we will not rest in our laurels nor we will be complacent with our achievements. Our mission to offer standard education for quality life will linger as long as the school exists.   

School Principal