Message of the Chairman, SPIS Governing Board

The Second Philippine International School in Riyadh was built out of love and concern for our countrymen who have been working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the inner impetus of the school management to establish an institution that will produce graduates who are competitive in this modern world.

As chairman of the governing board, I can vindicate that the success on the establishment of this institution rests upon the committed and hardworking people that we hired locally and in Manila. I make it a point that our clienteles are served to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

The management always lives up to the expectation of our parents. We are committed in delivering standard education for the sake of our precious possession who is none other than our children. It is also our strong conviction that we are duty bound to God in giving much care and devotion to our children.

We certainly hope that in our own little way, we will be able to achieve the vision of our school to our learners i.e. to make disciplined, God-loving, nationalistic, enlightened, self-reliant and productive citizens who are worthy and of great value to our society.

A million thanks to our parents for their continued support and collaborative effort you have extended in making the Second Philippine International School (SPIS) as the school of the champions.

Mrs. Marilyn R. Fredeluces

Chairman, SPIS Governing Board